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similar things about light room and photoshop is that they are two software you can use to edit pictures. both software’s can be easy to a point. this two software’s can get the job done depending on what picture it is. one big different is that trying to save the pictures are different and I prefer photoshop because for me it’s easier to do that. another different is photoshop has more settings for a picture that i have seen and known of. another different that i viewed is that that do different thing. to conclude i dont think one is better than the other, they are used for different things and it’s great to use both.

conceptual self portrait

this photo represents me in a bunch of different ways. even the setting represents me. one big thing though is music, music is everything in my life. I sleep using music, I work out with music, I eat listening to music. I basically do everything with music. like without music i think my life would be different. as you can see i love the Beatles because of all the old records. because my mom and dad would of leave me and my sisters with my grandparents, they showed me the beatles and I feel in love with their music. not just that they should me all the 20’s too 90’s music. i still enjoy it all because that’s when music was actually good. then when my mom and dad divorce i would have got into more heavy music. as a kid from my dad side i grew up on oldies rap and my favorite artist of all times in Eminem because i was able to connect with his music. I love weird shoes not going to lie. they are different and i don’t really see people wearing some of the shoes i have. then i stared to skate young than i stop. i lose my board but then i got into scootering because of tanner fox. i added that chair because it’s to represent i build and put everything in my house. i build that chair right there. than i have my guitar, the love of my life right there. Because i loved music so much i wanted to play it so i got a guitar. the reason why i took this picture in my garage is because i do everything in there. i workout, play my guitar, listen to loud music, and sometimes i sleep in there playing guitar.                                                                                                                    Conceptual photography aims to express ideas and concepts through photos. Conceptual photography derived from conceptual art. Both hold that the idea or concept is paramount in the creation process. The ideas that conceptual photographers explore are wide ranging and are typically achieved by staging a photograph in a way that represents the idea they desire to communicate.


camera mode

Automatic mode is when the camera chooses the optimum shutter speed, aperture, ISO and flash setting shot.

Portrait mode keeps objects in the foreground focused while the background is blurry.

Macro mode is showing a small object into a bigger one so its like a extreme close up on something small to make it look big.

landscape mode is capturing wider pictures with a slower shutter speed.

sport mode its a better mode to take sports shots or action shots.

night mode is a mode where you have slow shutter sync and your shooting in low light situations, it capture details of the background but fires off a flash for illuminate the subject.

movie mode is to capture moving pictures.

Aperture priority is like a semi-automatic but you get to choose the aperture while the camera chooses the rest.

shutter priority mode  is a semi-manual that allows you to choose shutter speed, then the camaca balance everything else out.

program mode is where the camera sets both the shutter speed and the aperture.

manual mode is where you have full control of your camera and you get to choose your shutter speed and ect.