Photography Career Tree

I feel interested in real estate photography and cinematographer. the reason why I feel interested in real estate photography is because almost all from my mom side they do real estate. to be honest for both jobs I would love to live anywhere. I don’t mind living anywhere because end of the day I’ll be doing something I love. I think my responsibilities in real estate photography is to get the best pictures and make the house look nice. For cinematography I would need to take the best videos for the movies. not just that I would need to always be on my game to be the best. for real estate photography i will be making a salary of $56,485 a year. For cinematography the salary I’ll be making is $56,775 per year. I’ll be making basically the same amount a year.

pop art

The art movement known as pop art draws its inspiration from popular and commercial culture. Because they gave our high school football, which is a part of our culture, a “pop” in their artwork, Berlyn is considered popart. The visuals and feel of the picture makes the craftsmanship jump out, subsequently making it popart. Berlyn provides Jurupa Hills with stunning and highly skilled photography. I chose this picture because I liked how the school’s name could be seen through the filters and texture. The image was ideal for this assignment thanks to its bright colors, which I like.

national geographic covers

National Geographic 815
i choose this one because it looks cool. not just that it can make a great album cover. not just that it is saying buy to him because he died.


National Geographic 800
i choose this one because of the lights. it’s so out there and the colors in this got me look everywhere. at first i thought that was lighting but it’s the streetlight.


National Geographic 845
the colors again caught my eyes. black to gold to red to white. the red caught my attention first then the gold. what he is wearing is a little weird.