All of these albums and artist show who i am. their is alot more but i dont got space to add them. the guitar in the bottom is the guitar i want so bad. its a SG Gibson jimmy page guitar. yes i love music, i love all 40s-90s music i dont really like these new artist these days. their so bad, and yes i only love old school rap not this new school stuff. other then Eminem’s new albums ill be listening to.



1/3200 SEC; f/8; ISO400; Manual; Pattern metering
1/2000sec; f/8; ISO400 Manual; Pattern metering
this is the picture i picked for my shadow assignment. i picked this picture for alot of reasons. The first reason for me it looks cool. other people will see it as creepy and scary. it uses shadow in a cool way making the person look makes it scarier then the person because the shadow is making it bigger. the shadow makes the person long and big that it fades into the darkness. when it fades into the darkness it makes the person more scarier a. this reminds me when Freddy Krueger was was chasing that girl in the first movie.

exposure triangle

  1. I learned about camera exposer. 
  1. 2. exposure determines how light or dark an image will appear when it’s been captured by your camera.
  2. I learned about understanding exposer.
  3. I learned about correct exposure.
  4. I learned about three factors remain under your control.
  5. I learned many different combinations of width.
  6. I learn exposure settings of aperture.
  7. shutter speed and ISO speed are analogous to the width
  8. I learn about time and quantity 

10.i learned about the EXPOSURE TRIANGLE 

  1. For the expose triangle I learned each setting controls exposure differently
  2. I learn 3 new words Aperture, Shutter speed, and ISO speed.
  3. I learned about SHUTTER SPEED
  4. I learn that shutter speed’s influence on exposure is perhaps the simplest of the three camera settings.
  5. I learned about the shutter speed seconds
  6. I learned about APERTURE SETTING
  7. I learned that aperture setting controls the area over which light can pass through your camera lens.
  8. I learn the high noise and low noise of ISO SPEED
  9. I learn all the different CAMERA EXPOSURE MODES.
  10. I learned how to use a camera.